Your First Program Comments


  • This bit is rather scary after you finish reading the whole thing. It is however very simple.

  • It looks very hard and difficult but just you wait and see when you apply it

  • I typed //return a + b; and that resulted in a compile error, so then I clicked cheat. I then typed exactly what the cheat option said, //return a+b;, and got a compile error as well, so I don't really understand the exercise.

  • You need to remove the // or it will just be a comment instead of code.

  • when adding // to lines you make that line a comment like

    //hey there :D

  • correct me if i'm wrong
    "return" has no mathematical function. It is to like "return 5+5" to return the sum of 5+5 to the screen so when the program runs it shows the sum of 5+5 ?
    I know I'm not clear but if someone understands pls reply :P

  • return is used in a method to return a value to the code that called it (see next page). This is similar to how a mathematical function returns a value.

  • I keep getting an error. I've clicked on the hint and typed return a + b. I've created an int sum and wanted to make that the value of a +b and return that. All to no avail. Am I missing something. Is there a screen shot somewhere of how the solution should look.

  • You put doStuff below the boilerplate code, which messed things up. When in doubt, you can always reset your code and try again.

  • It will be easy if you read the article carefully

  • its not as complicated as it looks

  • I read quick help

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