ArrayList Comments


  • You didn't necessarily add a challenge on this part all I had to do was hit submit, it makes me feel lazy, I want to confirm that I understand everything about ArrayLists

  • @Kyle, I updated the given code so you need to fill in some parts.

  • I had 3 "red" results on the right. Couldn't understand it until I saw line 49....commented 49 out and I am left with 1 red box.. Now I still have the 1 red box and tbh I'm quite sure I did this one right.

    Can you tell me what's wrong?

  • GREEN : [apple, banana, cantaloupe, date, eggplant] RED: [apple, banana, canataloupe, date, eggplant]

    5th test box on the right

  • Check that you filled in each TODO correctly. You can view a correct solution here.

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