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  • i need the answer

  • if (noWorm() && getY() < 80 && getX() < 30) {
    } else if (noWorm() && getX() < 80) {
    } else if (noWorm() && getY() > 50) {

  • None of the Blockly levels seem to count towards or save progress, and on this node there's no way to run the code you create!

  • Thanks for reporting that issue, the run button had been covered up, but it's now fixed. Sorry that no check mark appears on the side, this is just meant as a short stand-alone intro to programming with blockly.

  • Thank you for the quick fix... the next node has the same issue btw. I've used Blockly with students in the past and love the way you present these tutorials, I'm just looking forward to the check marks appearing so that I can track my students progress through the levels.

  • Thanks for the feedback, fixed. I'll look into some way students can share the progress.

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