Pirate Ship I Comments


  • LOL had to go back to Booleans chapter.... people Booleans is different from booleans, careful when defining your boolean.

  • I tries using only booleans but didn't work for all conditions, the following worked for me.
    if (gold>=pirates &&gold+pirates <100){
    return true;
    return false;

  • public class Main {

    public static boolean doStuff(int gold, int pirates){
        //your code here
        boolean success = true;
        if (gold < pirates)
  • I had the following it worked.

    my code

  • My solution
    return(!(gold+pirates > 100) && gold >= pirates);

  • Only this works.

    return gold >= pirates && gold+pirates < 101;
  • return gold+pirates>100?false:gold>=pirates?true:false;
    works for me

  • def function1(gold, pirates):
    if gold >= pirates and sum1 < 100:
    return True
    return False

    I use python

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