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  • What do you mean by other Output wrong?????????????

  • @Pavan, it means other hidden input/output cases. You can now see most of the cases. I'm planning on reducing the hidden ones in general.

  • Thank you. Now I know problem in the logic. I will try to fix it..

  • Just one suggestion, As we all know there are number ways we can arrive to a solution, so it would be nice if you guys can show us the best possible solution for the question once it is answered. So that we all can learn and improve our programming skills. Thanks

  • @Pavan, some challenges show an explanation once you get a correct answer. For other challenges, a "Featured Answers" link shows up once you get the correct answer. Click it to view possible answer(s). I just added some featured answers to this module.

  • Ok. Thank you

  • Learneroo addictive!!

  • a solution:

    my code

  • ps. when i solved a excercise i almost never see the 'featured answers'. Here i cant see any?

    Is there any ?

  • There aren't featured answers for every question, but this module has been updated, so you can now go back and see them.

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