Applying Bayes Theorem Comments


  • I insert the same numbers to calculator like this:
    (1/133*0.94)/((1/133*0.94)+(132/133*0.27)) and the result is 0.025697102241662106... please fix the calculator

  • The calculator is correct, the formula is wrong. The denominator should be bracketed together to group the two probabilities of positive results together - .94 * 1/133 /( .94 * 1/133 + .27*132/133) = .025697 = 2.6%

  • Rod's comment above seems correct.
    We need find P(Celiac|Positive) which according to the formula should be equal to (P(Positive|Celiac)*P(Celiac))/P(Positive)

    However, the answer is marked incorrect

  • Sorry for the error, the answer has been updated.

  • 2.57% is incorrect? you have to fix that

  • Please enter your answer in decimal form (eg 0.0257)

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