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  • For this particular challenge, there is some bug on your code?

    Input: 1 2 3 4 5 6

    Output: 1 2 no3 4 5 no3
    My Output: 1 2 no3 4 5 no3 100 no3 98 97 no3 -1 -2 no3 -2 -4 no3 -8 no3 2 4 no3 8 no3 no3 no3 no

    of course this doesn't make sense given the input. Atleast to me it doesn't

  • @George, you needed to print each case on its own line, but you were printing the output for all the cases on one line. I realized that could be confusing, so I modified it to automatically add a new line after each case. Please try submitting it again!

  • Using :: in first challenge should be correct.

  • @Ivan, thanks, it's been added as possible answer.

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