Generic Programming Comments


  • This is really to much text and information to understand ( for me it is at least)

  • This module was marked as "under development" for that reason. It covers generic programming in detail, which isn't essential early on. It may make sense to get more programming practice first.

  • I am not sure if this was the way to do it, but it worked.

    my code

  • @ Learneroo Perhaps you are right and that makes sense. But i am doing everything is order that is given.

  • Should i skip this for now and go on to the module games? What is your advice?

  • Unless you're specifically interested in generic programming, you can skip it for now. There are four main Java modules in the beginner Java course. After you've completed them, you should get

  • Hi this is a tough read for me but totally worth it. Helps me think forward!

    Might you know if it will be completed some time?

  • Sorry there isn't any plan to update this right now. I'm leaving the content up since it's still something people can benefit from, but it's not part of the "primary" Java track.

  • How do I read the '[' that begins the set?

    I have tried using nextInt() and keep getting an inputmismatchexception.

  • There are many other scanner methods, such as .next(). See the Learneroo Scanner reference or the official Scanner docs.

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