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Here's some unsolicited feedback from users on Learneroo.

Excellent site, I have tried codebat, codeacdemy, udemy, tutorialpoint, [and] but this is the best so far. Jig
I've been waiting for something like this for months!!! Chris B.
So far this has been the best teaching program i have used online. Ryan
This website is great. It has taught me a lot. I just don't understand the For Loop. Joseph H.
Thanks so much! I understand it now. This website is awesome. Joseph H.
I love the website, even tried to complete a JAVA course today. Thank you for building such a great platform for learners and teachers. I will be telling all my friends about the website, Jay S.
I just wanted to thanks you for this site. I was looking for something like codecademy but with Java. You do a great job, really! Adrian
One of the best interactive tutorials i have seen until now.Good job! vaggelas
This was truly a great intro to Java programming. The challenges were engaging and rewarding, and the material conceptually explained in a way that a beginner like myself could grasp. It's a step forward for learning. Robin E.
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