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For a quick tour around the coding interface, click on the Question mark above the code editor. Click on the image below to see what everything does.

Input and Output

Most coding challenges on Learneroo have input and output. Your program needs to read in input from the Standard Input and output text to the Standard Output. If the output is correct, you will pass the challenge. Since it can be a hassle to input raw text, boilerplate code is usually provided on the bottom of the code to process the input for you. Sometimes, the boilerplate code will also print to output for you, so you just need to return a value to it.

I/O Links

The next page will review the different input formats. You can read about getting input and printing output in Java in these pages:

The Code Editor

Learneroo uses the Ace Code Editor and includes many useful features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocompletion - Press ctrl-space for suggestions
  • Automatic indent and outdent
  • Search and replace with regular expressions
  • Highlight matching parentheses
  • Drag and drop text using the mouse
  • Line wrapping
  • Code folding
  • Multiple cursors and selections - Press Ctrl or Cmd when clicking
  • Cut, copy, and paste functionality

It's a great online editor, and here are a couple of things to note:

  • The editor may automatically place closing quotes and brackets for you: [] {} () "" ''
  • Boilerplate code will often be folded on the bottom of the code.
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