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Once you've learned the essentials of Rails, you may be interested in going through other tutorials or books. You should already know a fair amount of the material covered in beginner-focused tutorials, so we'll just mention a couple worthwhile resources and you can pick one to to expand your knowledge.

Rails Apps by Daniel Kehoe
Learn Ruby on Rails by Daniel Kehoe (who advised this project) is geared at complete beginners, but it also covers some different topics than this course. See also Kehoe's sample Rails Apps on Github to see the code for various basic Rails Apps. For tutorials that show you how to develop these basic apps, consider subscribing to his Rails Apps Tutorials. You'll also receive a free copy of "Learn Ruby on Rails" with your Rails App subscription. Finally, if you're interested in quickly generating starter Rails apps, look at Rails Composer which offers a command line wizard for setting up a Rails app.

Ruby on Rails Tutorial
The classic free Rails book is the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, by Michael Hartl. It's geared at programmers who are new to Rails development, and shows you how to create a Twitter clone. The book overlaps with this course but also covers some additional material such as testing. It mixes different topics together as you go through it building an app, so make sure you keep track of what you learn. He spends a couple chapters showing how to create your own authentication system (instead of using Devise), so check it out if you're interested in that topic. While the online book is free, you need to pay if you're interested in the solutions manual or screencasts. (See below for a link.)

Agile Web Development with Rails 4
Agile Web Development with Rails 4 is the semi-official book on Ruby on Rails and is also geared at programmers new to Rails development. It follows the agile methodology to iteratively develop a Rails app, though it doesn't emphasize testing too much. There are three parts to this book:

  1. Introduction to Ruby and Rails
  2. Learn how to create an online store, more complex than the one in this tutorial
  3. Learn about the different components of Rails in more detail.

You can buy the ebook from the publisher or get a hard copy on Amazon below.

Often, you'll just want to learn about a specific topic instead of reading a whole book. See the next page for more info.


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