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Dirt isn't always at the sides of the room. Can you clean an entire room? To help you do so efficiently, you can use the following new method:

  • surrounding - This returns a 3x3 grid, with the robot located at the center in position 1,1.
  • You can call the method is_dirty? on any cell in the grid. For example surrounding[0][0].is_dirty? returns true is the top left corner of the surrounding is dirty.

Here's a sample grid that surrounding could return:

0 ☒☒☒
1 _♟⚂
2 _⚀__

surrounding[y][x] will return the tile located y rows down and x columns to the right. For example, surrounding[1][2] will return the tile with dirtiness level 3.

Challenge Specifics

  • The board is 10x10 excluding the walls.
  • The robot's full charge is 40 units of energy.
  • You must beat the level within 125 turns.

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