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  • I can't even imagine using mod operator "to see if a number ends in 7". Web search didn't helped too.
    Also, I do not see a reason to check if number divides by 7.

  • I do not see a reason to check if number divides by 7.

    I got it.Then I put my code and it all works. It's just a mess of statements.
    Now I see Explanation below, it's so easy now using only one if statement!

  • This is weird for me, it works until the number 14. How can it be the case?

  • @Davin, for specific feedback from admins on your code, consider signing up for membership or the bootcamp.

  •     for(int i = 1; i < 51; i++){
            if(i%7==0){}//skip multiple of 7
            else if(i > 10 && (i%10)==7){} //skip ends with 7
            else {
  • For finding out if the number ends with 7 you should check (number % 10) != 7

  • What is the correct phrasing for the print function. I keep getting an error when trying to test my code? Thanks

  • I keep getting errors in part of the code that I'm not altering. Can I please get some help on this? Thanks

  • This usually means you've changed the boilerplate code. In such a case, carefully copy your actual code, click "reset" and try again.

  • I keep getting an "cant find symbol error" when I try to print my int.. I'm going to have to cheat on this one. sigh

  • I think I would like to get recognition for possibly having devised the longest, clunkiest and ugliest answer so far:

    my code

  • Ha, now I see the pitiful 3 lines of code given as the official answer...That won't cut it.
    [insert smiley emoticon here.]

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