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Practicing Javascript

You can practice the Javascript language on Learneroo (and other languages too!). Here are some easy challenges:

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More Resources

Interested in learning more? See the first node for some resources; here are some more advanced ones:

  • This module just covered Javascript as a language, but to use it in the browser, you'll want to learn about the DOM (see also Mozilla).
  • The Javascript Garden covers all the quirks in Javascript.
  • Learning Advanced Javascript is an online tutorial covering closures, inheritance and more.
  • Javascript isn't usually used on its own. JQuery is the 'standard' cross-browser library for dealing with the DOM. See the official JQuery guide or try JQuery Fundamentals.
  • New Javascript frameworks are popping up all the time. Node.js is for coding the server-side in javascript, AngularJS is Google's front-end MVC framework for creating single-page applications, and Meteor is a framework that runs both on the server and on the browser.
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