Towers of Hanoi - Part 2

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We just covered the Towers of Hanoi for Case 1 and Case 2, let's return to 3 disks. Can you describe an algorithm to move the 3 disks from a starting peg to the goal peg? You can refer back to solved cases when needed.

The Algorithm for 3 Disks

Now that we've covered 1, 2 and 3 disks, can you figure out an algorithm for solving the towers of Hanoi for any number of N disks?

towers of turtles

The Algorithm for N Disks


Create a program that solves the tower of Hanoi. You will be given one number as input - the number of disks on Peg 1. Create and call a method that prints out the correct steps to solve the puzzle.

Output Format: Print the peg to move from, an arrow "->", and the peg to move to. For example, to move from peg 1 to peg 3, print:

Print all the steps for a given case on its own line.


Create a program that solves the Towers of Hanoi and prints out the solution.

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  • Although I know the process of solution to the problem, I can't figure out how to transform into program. Could anyone give me some hint of how to program it?

  • You can view the beginning of a solution here. The comments there can help guide you to a full solution.

  • Thanks, I have finished the challenge with your hint.

  •     public static void doStuff(int a){
        solve(1, 3, a);
    static void solve(int a, int b, int elements){
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