Advanced Turtles

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The Turtle Game let you draw pictures. You can use loops and variables to create a complex picture.

Create a Spiral

To create a spiral, we'll increase the distance the turtle walks on each step.

  1. Use the count with i block from 1 to 200.

  2. Add 2 blocks inside the loop:

    • Move forward by i
    • Turn Right (or Left) by some angle, such as 50 degrees.

Color Changing Spiral

Let's make the spiral even cooler by adding some color.

  1. Add a variable color1 before your loop and assign it a specific color.
  2. Inside the loop, use the special set colour block to set the color of the pen to your variable color1.
  3. Use the colour with block to change the value of your color1 variable. You can use i and a math block to change the color by a specific amount each time.

Customize this picture or create your own and share a link to it in the comments below!


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