Creating the Basic Blog

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Build a simple blog so users can create posts! Each post should have a column content. Add what's necessary so a user should have many posts and a post should belong to one user.

Create standard forms so users can create and edit posts. Consider using the rails scaffold tool to generate everything (with SimpleForm). The post's content should be displayed inside a single <p> paragraph on a standard show page, without any other text inside.

Set up authorization so only the user who created a post can modify it. Display an "edit" link below a post to the user who created it.


  • These tests make no sense. In tests/models/post_test.rb line 42 there's a test "don't save post with invalid words". The invalid words in questions are "excellent" and "zxc".

    Why should a post not save these? What am I missing?

  • You don't need to pass that test case just yet. See Special Words where the new twist is introduced.

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