Sharing Your Java Program

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This node will briefly cover simple ways to share and distribute your Java programs.

Sharing the Code

It's a good idea to get feedback on your code, so you need a way to share it. You can just paste snippets of code into an email, but sometimes you'll want to share entire projects.

Sharing the BlueJ Project
If the person you're sharing the code with has BlueJ, its a good idea to just share the entire BlueJ project with them. They can then check out your code, or even use your program with BlueJ as the visual interface!

Method 1 - Email

  1. Go to the folder where your BlueJ Project is located. (If you don't know the location, click on File > Save As, and hopefully it will show you.)
  2. Compress the folder into a zipped file. (See directions for Windows Vista/7, Windows 8, Mac OS X)
  3. Send the zipped file via email or any method.


Method 2 - Cloud drive

Keep your code in a cloud-synced folder. This way you don't need to worry about losing it. You can then share the folder (or better yet, a copy of it) with other people. (You probably shouldn't have multiple people working on the same project in the same folder simultaneously!)

Free cloud services:

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  • Hi. My program is doing this:

    Explanation: After entering input "quit" the notebook start once again. I must enter again "quite" and after that the program really ends

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