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Ruby on Rails is a framework for creating websites that follow good software design practices. It lets you build common components of sites quickly so you do not need to re-create them from scratch. For example, most web applications have forms that take data from users and insert it into a database. Ruby on Rails lets you create such forms quickly and securely.

The Rails framework is written with the Ruby programming language, so you'll need to learn some Ruby to develop Rails sites. While you don’t need to know Ruby in-depth before starting with Rails, I think it makes more sense for a beginner to get comfortable with programming basics before taking on a complex web framework. If you have experience programming in other languages, you can just learn the basics of Ruby very quickly. See Learn Ruby to start learning Ruby. This tutorial will provide a general overview of Ruby on Rails, so you know what you're getting into!


Review your Ruby knowledge by returning the sum of 2 numbers a and b.

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