Interactive Guide to Web Development with Rails

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Learn Web Development with clear tutorials, interactive challenges and exciting visual content!

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Go through our course and start developing right away in your browser. The tutorials contain quiz questions to help you learn as you go through them. We also provide special code (test cases) so you can check your progress as you develop your app.

Out Visual Content includes diagrams and cheat sheets to help beginners understand and reference web development topics. We provide cartoons that demonstrate Ruby on Rails topics by representing Ruby on Rails as a physical machine. This makes learning Ruby on Rails more fun and easier to understand!

The Course

This course doesn't just cover Ruby on Rails, but also other topics essential to creating websites.

Creating Web pages

Intro to Programming

Ruby on Rails

After learning the basics of programming and web development, you're ready to learn Ruby on Rails itself. Learn Rails by build an online store, one step at a time!

Overview of Ruby on Rails - This tutorial provides an overview of Ruby on Rails with cartoons and coding challenges. Get some background with The Automated Store, Learn how to Access Data, how to Control Access and how to Display Web pages to the user.

The following tutorials continue with the next steps in building an application:

Bonus Tutorials

Check out our Web Cheat Sheets, Rails Posts and Resources, and guide to Fast Rails Development!

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