Balanced Brackets

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There are 3 kinds of Brackets: [] {} (). Given a String of characters, check if all the brackets in the String are Balanced. A string is balanced if all the start and end brackets are in a correct order so they match each other.

Here are some balanced Strings:

  • {}
  • (hello)[world]
  • [({}{}{})([])]

Here are some Unbalanced ones:

  • (hello - no ending )
  • ([)] - The [ is improperly enclosed in the ().
  • )( There's an ending ) without a ( before it.

I/O Format
The first line of input contains a number t. t lines of text follow. Print true if a line is balanced and false otherwise. Print each result on its own line.


Given a String, print true if the its balanced and false otherwise.

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  • This one worked, wdyt?

    public static void doStuff(String text){
    Stack stack = new Stack<>();

        for (int i = 0; i < text.length(); i++) {
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