Tigers and Bears - Oh My

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The local circus is running a parade of 4 tigers and 7 bears and they need to arrange the animals in a single line. Each tiger is very territorial, and will get into a fight if placed next to another tiger. The zoo wants to know how many possible permutations they can arrange the animals in.

(Note that each each animal unique, so putting Saberoo the Tiger at the end is a different than putting Hobbes the Tiger there.)


How many possible ways are there to arrange 7 Bears and 4 tigers in a line, so no tigers are next to each other?

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  • Tricky! --- There are 8 different 'spots' to put/arrange a tiger along a line of 7 Bears> x B x B x B x B x B x B x B x
    4 tigers for 8 possible spots.

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