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Currently, the only way to create and edit products on our store is through the terminal. Mr. Blackford was OK running the store from the terminal, but he now wants to let a new employee run the store who doesn't have the same tech skills. Can we provide a better admin interface to the store?

Finding a Solution

Currently, our website can only be used to view (or "Read") products, but there isn't a mechanism to Create, Update or Delete products. To fix this, we need to create forms for this purpose. Many website forms are accessed by users, so they need to be customized exactly a specific purpose and they need to be secured so a user can only change what he's supposed to. However, since we just need forms for admins, we can let the admin access all the data on the site without much customization. In fact, it would be good if we could just find a gem that provides an admin with access to everything...

Before reading ahead, can you find search for a gem for this purpose?

To find a gem, go to and search for "admin". This will display the Category for Rails Admin Interfaces.

Rails Tooolbox Admin

Looks like there are many gems to choose from, so how do we pick one? Let's consider the two most popular gems more closely, ActiveAdmin and Rails Admin. Scroll down on Ruby-Toolbox and click on the links to each of their Rubygem pages to get more info about the gems.

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