Intro to Fast Rails Development

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Learn how to build a Rails app in under an hour!

The Previous Modules in the Web Development Course went through specific parts of Rails: An Overview, The Model, Building a Site, Useful Gems and Advanced Relationships.

This module will show you how to quickly build a new Rails application from scratch, and cover some topics not discussed much before. This module is for people who did the previous modules and other beginners with basic Rails knowledge. We'll show you how to build a blog platform, and add a new twist to make it your own site. This app can be used as the starting point for all sorts of common apps, such as the next Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

If you are interested, you can download a starter project with test cases to test out your app as you build it. See the Ruby on Rails contest for instructions.

Watch the video below to see the Rails Blog in action, and then go through the tutorial to build it!

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