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Now that your first version of the site is completed, it's time to make it live on the web! Before we do that, you just need to make one small change to a configuration file. Go to config/initializers/devise.rb and comment out the following line:

config.mailer_sender = 'no-reply@' + Rails.application.secrets.domain_name

When you're ready to setup actual emailing on your server, you can add that line back.

If you already have Heroku setup on your computer, you can go ahead and create your Heroku app and push the code to it. Just enter the following commands in your terminal:

heroku create
git add .
git commit -m "version 0.1"
git push heroku master
heroku run rake db:reset

Note that for the first line, you can also pass in what you want to name your app, such as heroku create "simple-sam-blog". If everything worked, you now have your blog platform live on the internet!


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