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User and Posts

Currently, Posts don't belong to anyone. Anyone who visits the site can edit or delete any posts, even without signing in! As a first step, let's add associate each Post with a user. This is similar to associating each Product with a Category in the automated store. Can you create the migration to mark each Post with a User?


Before running the migration, let's make one edit to the migration file. To quickly find posts for a specific user, add an index to the user_id column to make lookups much faster. Open up the migration file you just generated and add one more line:


class AddUserIdToPosts < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    add_column :posts, :user_id, :integer
    add_index :posts, :user_id   #adds index

Now you can run:

rake db:migrate

...which will add the user_id column and index to the Posts table.

Next, can you add the association to the User and Post models so they're correctly associated with each other?


Editing the Controller

Now let's modify post_controller's create action so it associates each post with a user.

Q: How do we know who the user is, should we pass in a user ID from the form?

A: No, that would be terrible security practice! Malicious users could pass in user_id's of other users to create posts for them. That's why we used strong params, so the user_id can't be modified in that manner. Instead, we'll use Devise's current_user method, which return the current signed in user.

Can you set the user in the create action?

Post's create

Trying it Out

You've only added a few lines of code, but you can now associate every Post with a User. Try it out by creating a couple of posts, and then use the console to get your user's posts.

user = Post.last.user

Q: What happens if you create a post when not signed in?
A: Currently, the site allows that, so let's go ahead and fix that next.

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