Pig Latin Finale

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To finish your program, you need to handle sentences, not just words. Create new code that converts each word in a sentence into pig latin and then prints the complete pig latin sentence. For example, when given

"knowledge is power"
your code should print:
"owledgeknay isay owerpay"


Convert all the space-separated words in a given String into pig latin and print the pig latin string on its own line.

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  • Dead Admin, in the exercise "No E allowed" there was an issue which was corrected where the output was not throwing a single string, i think the issue might be reoccurring here:

  • @David, this challenge uses different boilerplate code which gets each line of input instead of single words. Click on "Reset code" to load it, and then replace doStuff with the method you wrote. Print out each line at the end.

  • Ugh my bad... Thanks ! \w/

  • Boy oh boy, this was really really hard! and no hints?

    A solution is this:

    my code

  • ...got smoked this time, though.

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