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You're working on an interactive text-based menu that asks the user Yes-or-No questions. Users are supposed to reply with just 'y' or 'n', but sometimes they add other characters, such as "yes" or "no".

Complete a method that checks the first character of a String and returns an String according to the following table:

first character of input return following String
'y' 1
'n' 0
other character -1

(Note: all input will be lowercase.)


Return a number based on the given input String as in the above table.

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  • Admin does the Java compiler version used by learneroo permit using Strings in switch statements? I found in stackflow that Java 7 does not allow this.

    Thanks and Best regards.

  • We use Java 7 which does allow it. This challenge can use characters which could always be used.

  • This is getting kind of frustrating. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong no matter what i do there is always an incompatibility in data types. Either I need a string and I have a character or I have a character and I need a string.

  • Nevermind... Forgot that characters require single quotes.

  • my solution:

    my code

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