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Every website has a URL, or web address, so people can access it. Most sites have their own domain name, like “”, but when you build a free website, your URL will be on the host’s address, like “”. You need to buy your own domain name so your URL will be “”.

How do I buy a domain name?

You need to buy one from a domain registrar, which will both register your domain and provide a Domain Name Server. A website requires two things – a web server for storing and running the site, and a name server that sends people to the web server when they type in the website name. For example, when you type into your browser, it goes to a Domain Name Server which looks up and then sends your computer the information to connect to Amazon’s web servers. The web hosting and domain name are often packaged together, but they’re two separate aspects. So you can get a domain name and point it to your site on a different web host.

Where should I buy a Domain Name? is a good registrar. If you want a special deal, often offers domain names for $1 for the first year (You can check deals here). If you’re going to get a real web host, most of them will throw in a free domain name. Otherwise most Domain Names cost $10-$15 a year. After you have a domain and a web host, you’ll be able to create your own website.


Go buy a domain name and paste it here (optional).

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