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If you want a real website, you will need to go beyond creating static websites and sign up for a dynamic web host that can run code and access databases. There are different types of hosting available, but the old standard option for a small site is to get a shared web hosting account. This means your website will exist on a server with many other websites, which is much cheaper than renting out a whole server on your own.

There are many shared web hosts available, though its hard to find reliable information about them. However, most of the hosts you will find are reliable for small amounts of traffic, so you just need to find a good price for it. Before discussing different options, you can skim through the section below for relevant hosting terminology and their significance.

If you just want a free powerful option, you can go with a "cloud host". These are much easier to scale up when your site becomes big. However, they usually don't offer as many "quick-start" features, such as one-click application installers. See the next page for more on choosing web hosts.

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Each page on your website is 1MB. How many page views will you be able to handle each month on SmallOrange's 'Tiny' 5GB plan? (see asmallorange.com/hosting/shared/)

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Alternatively, you can try out Learneroo before signing up.

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