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It's better to learn by doing than to passively read or watch content, so I selected interactive websites, books and courses to teach programming. Start by going through an online tutorial, but its also a good idea to have a resource to learn more with and reference later. See All Learneroo Modules to practice challenges in all these language. Below are resources for specific languages.

Interactive Resources by Language

Java Python Ruby Javascript
Good For Kids / Game Programming Greenfoot Invent Your Own Computer Games KidsRuby (formerly Hackety-Hack) CodeCombat
Interactive Tutorial Learneroo Java Tutorial Codecademy TryRuby to get started,
Then Learneroo Ruby Tutorial
More Practice and Learning See all the Learneroo Java Content Python Monk
or CodingBat
Ruby Monk Learning Advanced Javascript
Good Free Book for Learning Programming How to Think Like a Computer Scientist How to Think Like a Computer Scientist Learn to Program
or Humble Little Ruby Book
Eloquent Javascript
(2nd ed.)
Interactive Video Course Udacity Intro to Programming with Java Udacity Intro to Programming with Python CodeSchool Ruby CodeSchool Javascript
or Coursera's Startup Engineering
Advanced Book Effective Java* Dive Into Python 3 Pickaxe Guide* JavaScript: The Definitive Guide*
Programming Bootcamps* Learneroo Java Bootcamp Dojo Devcamp Many Bootcamps are for Ruby on Rails HackReactor. For kids:
Learneroo Reference Java by Example Python by Example Ruby by Example Javascript by Example

(*Not free. )

Online Debugging
You can visually debug your Java, Python and JavaScript code online at You can debug Ruby code at Ruby Tutor. Note that your browser also provide tools for debugging JavaScript. See your browser developer tools in
Chrome, Firefox or IE.

I originally created this chart in Nov. 2012 for my blog and it was well-received. Chart updated February 2015.


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