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Watch out for the Mine! If explorer steps on an active mine it will die!

The Java world consists of separate Spaces which explorer must navigate. Most Spaces are empty, but some have dangerous occupants. You can use explorer.getSpace() to get the next Space.

Space has a method:
.isMine() to tell you if it contains an active mine.

You can use explorer.poke() to poke the next Space. A mine will explode when poked.

You can only invoke one mutator method per turn. A mutator is a method that changes something, as opposed to just returning a value.

Explorer Methods


  • getSpace() - Returns the next Space on the board.


  • walk() - Moves the explorer forward (to the right) one Space.
  • poke() - Pokes the next space.

Space methods
.isMine() - returns true if this Space contains a Mine, and false otherwise.

Accessors and Mutators
If Statement


Clear the mine and reach the goal!

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