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I used to think standing Archers were dangerous. Then I met Archers on Horseback.

Knights are like archers, but they can move. They attack an Explorer within 2 Spaces. They move towards an Explorer 3 spaces away, unless something blocks their way.

Suggestion: If you just use if/then blocks, your code will get really messy. Instead, you should create methods to help decide what to do.


Note: walk, getSpace, look and poke can each take in a direction parameter (either Direction.RIGHT or Direction.LEFT). If no Direction is passed in, they will default to Direction.RIGHT.

Explorer methods


  • walk() - Moves the explorer forward (to the right) one Space.
  • poke() - Pokes the next space, causing damage to any Enemy there.
  • recharge() - Adds 9 to health.


  • look() - Returns an Array of up to 3 Spaces in the designated Direction.
  • getSpace() - Returns the next Space on the board.
  • getHealth() - returns the value of health.

Space methods

  • isEnemy() - returns true if the Space contains an Enemy, and false otherwise.
  • isWall() - returns true if the Space contains a Wall, and false otherwise.


Defeat the Knights and reach the goal!

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