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Basic Types

As mentioned in a previous node, when you declare a variable in Java, you need to also state what type it is, i.e. what kind of data it can hold. There are 8 primitive data types in Java, but these are the main 4:

type definition example operation //result
int This holds integers with values from about -2 billion to +2 billion. This is what we've been dealing with until now. int sum = 999 + 1; //1000
double This holds decimal numbers (real numbers) with a wide range, like -2.1 or 123.456789. double sum = 1+0.23 //1.23
- boolean This can only hold two values: true or false. boolean greater = (7 > 10) //false
char This holds single characters, like 'c' or 'ß' or '1' in character form. To create a character you need to use single quotes. char letter = 'z';


In addition, there's the important String type, which is a little different than the above types, but is also built-into the language. A String holds any number of characters together, so it is used to store any text, like words and sentences. You can create a String by using double-quotes: String str ="hello";. Note that it is written as String (with a capital "S") unlike the simple types above. This is some sample code with String:

  • String name = "Jim"; Simply store the string "Jim" in the variable name.
  • String num = 23; ERROR! You cannot store a number in a String!
  • String num = "23" ...But you can store a String representation of a number.

In addition, you can concatenate characters with Strings or String with each other to make larger Strings.* For example:

  • String alpha = "ab" + 'c'; combines the character with a String to make a larger String, "abc".
  • String sentence = "Pack " + "my " + "box."; will set sentence to "Pack my box."

You can even concatenate numbers with Strings, and they will automatically be turned into Strings:

int n = 5;
String message = "Pick a number from 1 to " + n;
//message is now:  "Pick a number from 1 to 5"

Soon you'll see how to print Strings. Meanwhile, see if you can handle different types in the following problem:


You will be given an int a and a double b as input. You need to calculate their sum and then return a String message which says:
"The sum is [sum here]"
(Place the correct sum in the string instead of the brackets.)

* However, don't use + to combine characters together with each other, since they'll 'turn into' numbers. This will be covered in a later node.


Return an exact sentence with the sum, as specified.

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  • It doesn't seem to compile my answer but it runs on Eclipse just fine.
    Here is my code

    public class DataTypes {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
            int a = 2;
            double b = 7.5;
            double sum = a + b;
            System.out.println("The sum is" +  sum);


  • @William the only class that can be public is Main. So either remove 'public' or rename the class to 'Main'.

  • First getting an error while compiling about return statement missing, wheb added about incompatible types - required String, found double
    Here the code:

  • @Honzis, you need to return a String that contains the correct message. So remove return sum and return message instead.

  • Thanks for the quick answer, got it now. :)

  • What is the code to solve this

  • @pat, I added an explanation, which you can 'cheat' to view.

  • Don't system.out.print, return.

  • @William, in this question You should implement code in doStuff() method and return the message. my code

  • @Honzis , You should return only a string type in doStuff() method. because return type of doStuff method is string, check my code :) my code

  • Or you could cast a double on the sum my code

  • Just FYI, I had originally put my string as "The sum is: " + sum. It said it was incorrect because I put the : in. So, even though it ran fine, gave the correct answer, etc., it showed incorrect

  • import java.util.Scanner;
    public class DataTypes
    public static void main(String[] args)
    int a;
    double b;
    Scanner input = new Scanner(;

  • The exercise is to get you to understand how to attach a variable into a string, over complicating the output or process only clouds the issue. keep it simple like this...

    String answer = "The sum is " + (a+b);
    return answer;

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