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Why Learn Java

While some other languages are a little more flexible, Java may be the most in-demand programming language. It is taught in many colleges and is used in everything from large corporate software projects to all Android apps. It has a structured approach that makes it less useful for small scripts, but that can help avoid errors in large projects. Java is a compiled language, which means the code runs faster on computers, but testing out quick lines of code can take a little longer. However, there are tools that let you try out Java code quickly too.

In short, it makes sense to learn Java if you:

  • Are going to a college that teaches Java
  • Want to make Android Apps
  • Want to program for a big company
  • Want fast software for large projects
  • Want strict rules to help prevent errors

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For more help picking a language, see The Different Programming Languages. It's a good idea to go through the rest of About Programming before doing this module. When you're ready to do some simple code, click on "Next" below.


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