Variables in Programming and Algebra

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Now that you know what a variable is, we will clarify a common area of confusion between algebra and programming.

In algebra, you can have a statement like this:

x = 2 + 3

This is a "truth-statement" that the variable x is equal to 2+3 or 5.

Similarly, in programming, you can write int x = 2 + 3 and the variable x will end up as the integer 5. However, there's a big difference between the two statements, as will now be seen.

What if you faced the following two statement together?
x = 2 + 3
x = 11

In algebra, you would immediately recognize that this is impossible. x cannot be both 2+3 and 11 since they're not equal. However, in programming, = is not a statement of truth, it's an action that assigns a value to a variable.
So you can assign 2+3 to x and then afterwards assign 11 to x, and x will now be set to 11 instead of 5.

Equality Check
If you wanted to check if something was equal in programming, you use ==. For example:

int x = 2 + 3; //assignment
x == 11; //this would be false

Review this:

  • = assignment
  • == equality check


After the following code runs, what number will sum equal?

int x = 2;
int y = 5;
x = 100;
int sum = x+y;

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    It would be better to say "In the following code, what number will sum become?"
    Also, you should give an extra example of multi-line assignment of variables before testing student understanding

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    int x = 2;
    int y = 5;
    x = 100; .Can anyone tell me why data type int is not written befor x=100;

  • As mentioned on the previous page, you need to declare a variable's type the first time, but afterwards you can use it without re-mentioning what type it is.

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