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In this challenge, see if you can use your knowledge of loops, the % operator and some math to come up with an algorithm to solve an important math problem.

Given two numbers a and b can you return their Least Common Multiple (LCM)? A LCM of a and b is the smallest number that is a multiple of both a and b.

(Remember you can use % to check if a number divides evenly into another number.)


Given two numbers a and b return their LCM.

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  • Three examples above shows correct, but "other output" is wrong. Maybe I misunderstood the task, maybe it's better to show more examples in I/O.

  • @zkvarz, you can now view more cases.

  • Thank you for cases, admin! I think this way:
    5 10, answer is 10.
    In this case we can't divide 5 evenly so we divide 10 until we get smallest even number 2, therefore 5*2 = 10.

  • so we divide 10 by 5. I still can't get it, why not 2

  • Admin, I thought I get this task but still, "other output" is wrong. Something I do the wrong way.

  • Dear Admin,

    On the Explanation:

    "Explanation: You could use a while loop, or a compact for loop:

    int i;
    for(i=1; a*i % b != 0; i = i +1 ){

  • @David, i will keep increasing until a*i is a product of b. So it will stop when i=5 and a=3 and return that product.

  • import java.util.Scanner;

    public class Main {

    static int doStuff(int a, int b)
        int max=1;
        for(int i=2;i<=a;i++)
            if(a%i==0 && b%i==0)
  • A little difficult

  • This worked for me but I don't understand it, anyone please explain

        int multiple =0;
        for(int i=1; i<=100; i++){
            if (multiple%b ==0 && multiple%a==0){
                return multiple;
        return multiple;
  • int c=0; 
        return c;

    I don't understand why my code isn't working.

  • If c is 0 , what happens when you reach the while condition? (You should always test out smaller parts of your code to know what's going on.)

  • Is this a smart solution. I mean it does makes a different if a<b or b<a right?

    my code

  • int LCM = 1;
    while (!(((LCM % a) == 0) && ((LCM % b) == 0))){
    return LCM;

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