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Stuck on a challenge on Learneroo? You can comment on the bottom of the page to get help. Learneroo staff will especially try to help members solve their problems!

The comments can be formatted with some markdown and HTML. You can surrond text with **asteriks** to mark it as bold and `that-key-on-the-top-left` to mark it as code. Multi-line code can be marked with 4 spaces:

     if(spacesOnLeft >= 4){

The above text will result in:

 if(spacesOnLeft >= 4)){


Online chat is primarily for members to use to get live help, though other users can try it out also. To chat on Learneroo, go to and enter the captcha to connect. This will cause a bunch of text to show up, and then you'll be able to chat. The chat currently uses an ancient technology called IRC (about) and is hosted on freenode. You can also connect to it with an IRC client, such as Xchat on Windows or Colloquy on Mac.

Learneroo staff will usually be online on
Mondays and Wednesdays
from 3 - 4:00pm and 9:15 - 10pm Eastern Time.

We should be online at other times too, so feel free to check in!

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