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Learn by Example

Often, the best way to learn how a programming language or topic is to look at an example. Instead of reading many paragraphs explaining, one can sometimes just look at example code and see how it works. As the saying goes, "A Code is Worth 1000 Prose".

That's why I like the site Learn X in Y minutes, which demonstrates different programming languages through example code. If you know some programming, you can pick up the basics of different languages with it, and it can also be used as a reference to lookup information later.

Learn by Doing

If you're actually trying to learn a language, just looking at example code isn't enough, since you need to practice it on your own. It helps to have challenges that test your knowledge and "force you" to write correct code.

Since LearnXinYMinutes is licensed under Creative Commons, I figured I'd edit it a bit and add in questions and programming challenges. I started with Ruby, and posted it to Hacker News. This was well-received, so I created additional modules on Javascript and Python. I also created another version for Java, which was based on previous Learneroo tutorials.

Try it Out

If you're interested in learning one of these popular languages or want to quickly look up how to do something, check out Learn X by Example and With Challenges:

If you're interested in getting more practice you can try out these easy challenges:

There's also premium intermediate challenges on Strings, Loops, and Real Math. You can solve all these challenges in multiple languages, and see how they compare!

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