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Many people have ideas for new web applications but don't know how to create them. It's expensive to hire a developer to create an app, especially for a risky idea that may lead nowhere. Often a better alternative is to learn how to create the web app on your own. This way you'll keep full control and learn a useful skill even if the project fails.

There are two ways an entrepreneur can create a web application:

  1. Use a CMS like Wordpress to quickly set up a site. This can work for some content-focused sites but the app may need to be discarded if the site takes off. (See CMS vs. Framework)
  2. Learn how to program and develop an actual application. This is a lot more work, but you'll actually be able to develop something new and learn a very useful skill in the process.

Q & A

Entrepreneur: I'd like to develop a new application. What should I use to do so?
Answer: Ruby on Rails is a good and popular choice. It lets developers create new applications in a relatively short amount of time.

Entrepreneur: How much do I need to learn to create the app?
Answer: You don't need to learn everything a professional developer deals with, you can just learn the essentials to get a basic app set up. Startups initially create an MVP, or Minimum Viable Product to test out their idea and later work to refine it. You can initially learn what it takes to become a Minimum Viable Developer™ (MVD) and later refine your skills. Become a MVD so you can build your basic MVP.

Entrepreneur: What if I decide full-time programming isn't for me?
Answer: That's fine, you can always bring on a professional developer later in your project, and you'll be able to understand his or her work. And if your site fails before reaching that point, at least you were able to test out your idea and learn new skills.

Entrepreneur: What if it fails because I found programming too hard?
Answer: Well now you understand more about what web development entails and have broadened your horizons! And you only spent a little time learning the essentials, it's not like you spent 4 years on it or took out student loans...

Interested in learning the essential skills to become a MVD so you can build your MVP? Check out our Kickstarter!

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