Ruby on Rails for Web Designers

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So you're a web designer. While you can design great web pages, you don't touch the back-end that runs a web application. Should you learn the basics of Ruby on Rails, a full-stack framework for creating web applications? I think there are many benefits to doing so.

By learning Ruby on Rails, you'll be able to independently create your own applications. This will let you create your own side-projects and you'll be able to make sure they look great! At your main job, you can design a prototype that back-end developers later take over or re-create. (See this post from a designer at Basecamp, the creators of Ruby on Rails.) Even if you don't end up coding that much on the back-end, it still will be easier to work with back-end developers when you understand the full framework. At the very least you'll gain a better appreciation for how web applications are created. And if you really like Rails, you can always consider pursuing it in more depth or even professionally!

At the beginning, you don't need to go through a complicated book or course. You can get started by just learning the essentials to creating a web application and later you can decide what you want to learn in more depth.

To make Ruby on Rails easier to learn, it would help to have a visual and interactive tutorial to covers the essentials you need to know. I'm creating such a course that will teach Ruby on Rails with interactive challenges and cartoons. Please check out my Kickstarter and consider backing it!

Kickstarter to Learn Ruby on Rails

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