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Online tutorials are great, but sometimes people need additional help when learning a topic. That's why we launched the Java Coding Bootcamp, where users can get extra help, access more content, and meet weekly with a mentor. We offer a tutor and much more for less than the cost of a tutor alone, but it was still too expensive for many users. To solve this issue, we are now launching a membership program to the general public:

Learneroo Premium Membership

Everyone who enrolls in this program will receive the following:

  • Premium Modules
    Learn about the Java Library and solve problems with Strings, Double Loops and Real-world Math! More modules coming soon.
  • Premium Downloads
    Download extra projects for learning on your PC
    Download the content of any Module, so you can read it anywhere.
  • Extra Help
    Get Help in the Comments on Learneroo! We will reply within less than one business day, and often within an hour!
    Want to chat about problems? Ask us a question during our office Hours. We will soon announce available times.
  • Bonus - Members will also receive additional resources and links for continuing to learn Java.
Get Access to all of the Above for only $25 / month. Sign up now and be entered for a chance to win a free tutoring session with one of our mentors!

Choose how long to Sign up for:

As before, if you want regular mentoring sessions and other benefits, check out our Coding Bootcamp!

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