Lecture Videos and Learning

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Ever since second grade, I found school lectures and classes to be boring. Online education is growing rapidly, but many education sites simply move the lecture online. At Learneroo, we believe the primary medium of learning should be through text, challenges and interactive content. These allow users to:

  • Be actively involved in learning
  • Review or skip any part easily
  • Search and reference information later

While we don't think videos should be the main way to learn a subject, videos are OK if they're short and skippable. Sometimes, a short screencast can be useful to show how something is done on a computer.

So we started adding a few optional videos to Learneroo. For example, see the hidden videos in Variables and Methods that cover the same material as the main text. See the video below to learn about the new visual debugger on Learneroo. To read more about our philosophy, see our new Seven Principles Page.

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