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Many people are interested in creating websites but don't necessarily want to become professional developers. They may have an idea for a startup that they want to test out before hiring a developer, or they may want to create a site for their small business or organization. Other people may work in tech companies with web developers and may want do more on their own, even while they leave the full-scale programming to the professional.

There's no need to learn full-fledged programming to get started with your own websites. You can start creating websites without any code at all, and learn the basics as you need it. There are many tools you can use to setup an initial site or web app, and you can customize additional aspects afterwards.

I created the Web for All Kickstarter Project to help business people and others easily create their own sites. The Kickstarter will let me create a course to teach people the practical tricks to creating a website without too much programming. Users will first get a basic understanding of how the web works. Then they'll find out how to get free or cheap web hosting and how to setup web applications on it. Next they'll learn the basics of HTML and CSS so they can customize their web pages, without worrying about more about more advanced details. Finally, they can learn basic programming and Javascript concepts and how to apply them without writing full applications.

The course won't just be lectures or an online book. Instead, it will have interactive graphics and challenges so people can learn by doing. You can view free early sample content here:

I can only create the course if I reach my funding goal, so please share it with your friends and consider backing it today!


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