Web Development

Learn how to create web applications.

Intro to Creating Websites
How the Web Works
What is a Website?
Hosting a Static Website
Domain Names
Static Websites
Dynamic Web Sites
More on Installing Scripts
Web Host Information
Choosing a Web Host - Chart
Tools to Create Your Own Website
Creating Sites with Expression Web
Microsoft Expression Web
The Toolbar
Styling sites and CSS
Previewing and Publishing
Basics of HTML
What is HTML?
Headings and Emphasis
Links, Images and Attributes
Creating Web Pages
Completing your Page
HTML Reference
Essential CSS
What is CSS
Where is CSS?
CSS Rules
CSS Selectors
Font and Text
The Box Model
Float, Layout, Centering
CSS Tools and Info
CSS Frameworks
CSS Conflicts
CSS Reference
About Programming
How Computers Calculate
Computer Software
The Algorithm
3 ways to show an Algorithm
Software Development
Why Learn Programming?
The Different Programming Languages
Path to Learning Programming
Resources to Learn Programming
Learn Programming with Blockly
Beginning Blockly
Get to the Goal
If Statement
Conditional Birds
Turtle Loops
Animation Math
Variables and Text
Tips and Number Variables
Advanced Turtles
What's Next
Learn Ruby
Programming Review
Intro to Ruby
Hello World
Strings & Symbols
Arrays and Hashes
Math and Logic
Control Structures
Ruby Shortcuts
Yield Block
Each block parameters
Ruby Reference
Ruby for Rails
Classes and Objects
Instance Variables
Class Methods and Modules
Send Parameters for Control
Getting Input
Completing Your Program
Ruby on Rails Overview
Interactive Guide to Web Development with Rails
Intro and Ruby
The Automated Store - The Plan
Accessing Data
Controlling Access
Viewing the Info
The Complete Picture
The Many Languages of Web Development
Rails - Model and Data
Getting Started
Testing Your App
Multiple Models and Relationships
Model Methods
Running the Terminal Store
Rails Model Reference
Creating a Full Rails Site
Your First Pages
Routes and Views
Git & Heroku
Controllers to Views
Model to Controller to View
Quick Styles
Standard Resources
Presenting Products
Sample Data
Displaying Categories
Publishing Your Site
Routes Controller View Reference
Rails Gems and More
Ruby Gems
Authentication and Devise
Setting up Devise and Users
Adding Links
Customizing the Look
Admin Interface
Admin and Admin Page
Simple Pictures
Simple Payments
Like Buttons and Advanced Relationships
Like Model
Methods and Products
Liked Products Page
Like Button
Unlike Button
Extra Details
Web Development with RubyMine
Development on Your Computer
Getting Started with RubyMine
RubyMine Features
Developing the Store in Rubymine
Web Cheat Sheets
Tools to Create Your Own Website
HTML Reference
CSS Reference
Ruby Reference
Ruby on Rails Overview
Rails Model Reference
Routes Controller and View
Rails Relationships
Active Record Joins
Undoing Things in Rails
Common Rails Database Q&A
Rails Posts and Resources
Abstraction and Programming
Web App Framework vs. CMS vs. Website Builder
Web Development for Entrepreneurs
The Automated Store
Rails Books
Rails Guides and More
Rails Reference and Search
Fast Rails Development
Intro to Fast Rails Development
Rails Quick Start
Rails Scaffold
Scaffold Tour I - Resources
Scaffold II - Forms
User Post Relationship
Validations & Filters
Correct User
Adjusting the Pages
Header Adjustments
Simple Twist
1000 Words
Live Site on Heroku
Ruby on Rails Challenge
Getting Started
Creating the Basic Blog
Adding Pages
Special Words
Submitting Your Results
Bonus Points
Visual Chart
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